Conduct research while using CEI facilities

The Cape Eleuthera Institute provides opportunities for visiting scientists and researchers interested in a wide variety of tropical and sustainable systems. Visiting scientists can conduct their research at the Cape Eleuthera Institute or use our facilities as a base of operations for research throughout Eleuthera and The Bahamas. In close proximity to our facility is a diverse array of habitat types, including shallow oolitic sand banks, seagrass meadows, mangrove creeks, coral reefs, the deep waters of the Exuma Sound, oceanic and inland blue holes, and terrestrial environments at varying levels of disturbance.

We provide ocean-side dormitory style living located near our flow-through seawater system, laboratories, and library. The wet lab system has small and large tanks that can be rented to conduct experiments in a controlled environment. The laboratories are located adjacent to our wet lab and are equipped with benches, microscopes, fresh water, refrigerators, and freezers. Lab spaces and tanks can be rented by the day, week, or month. In addition, we have a fleet of boats and vehicles that can meet most of research needs.

Please visit our Research page for details about our on-going in-house research programs. Also, please visit our Visit page to get a detailed description of the resources available on our campus.

Please contact us via email at if you are interested in learning more about our facilities and conducting your research here.