Finish high school while performing research at CEI


  • To put energetic and responsible High School Seniors in positions of research and leadership
  • To provide an opportunity for High School Seniors to connect with The Island School and The Cape Eleuthera Institute through a structured experience that is distinct from our Island School Semester Program


High School Seniors who are participating in their high schools’ Senior Project Program

Program Description

  • The High School Seniors who participate in our Senior Project Program are those individuals who have an interest in interning with an Island School or CEI staff member on a project specified by the needs on campus. Each senior will be assigned a senior project mentor and receive his/her daily schedule and work guidelines from that staff member. Senior Project interns should expect to maintain a full day of work as directed by their mentor and should view this internship as a chance to participate in ongoing research or other campus studies. Senior Project interns will live on campus and be active members of our community for the duration of their stay.
  • Senior Intern Projects, subject to current focuses and availability, may include Turtle Conservation, Shark Conservation, Conch Conservation, Bonefish Research, Climate Change Research, Reef Ecology, Mangrove Ecology, Invasive Lionfish Research, Food Security, Aquaculture, Permaculture, Aquaponics, Communications, Alternative Energy, Green Design, and Sustainable Development Initiatives.

Program Dates and Application Details

  • Program Dates: May 13 - May 26, 2018
  • Application Deadline: March 1st (no late applications accepted)
  • Project approvals: March 15th
    • If your sending school requires an earlier date of notification please let us know!
  • Program Cost: $145.00 per day
    • Cost includes transportation to/from airport, accommodations on campus, meals, and program/research fee

Application must include:

1. Resume of work and school history (1 page resume format)

2. Cover letter of Intent:

  • Explain the objective of your sending school’s senior project program and what is specifically required of you during your independent senior project.
  • A project proposal that states why are you interested in the volunteer position that you are applying for and how do you foresee your senior project requirements and goals being fulfilled through your time spent volunteering at The Island School.
  • Explain if and how your senior project is related to what you want to pursue in the future (academically and experiential).

3. Sending School’s senior project requirements

4. A copy of the senior project application that you submitted to your sending school**

**No Applicants will be considered without a completed application

**For more information on the Senior Projects Program please contact Karen Knight at