Experiential programs in tropical sciences and sustainable development

The Cape Eleuthera Institute offers unique opportunities for people of any age to actively engage in tropical sciences and sustainable design initiatives through application-based experiential courses. With this in mind, the Cape Eleuthera Institute can provide facilities for courses or can help to customize and teach a course to suit specific needs.

Middle school and high school programs offer students the opportunity to experience community living in our sea-side dormitories and discover new environments and disciplines.


High School

High school programs focus on applying common biological and environmental principles to tropical island ecosystems inclusive of human ecology. High school programs can range from one to three weeks depending on the depth of learning and diversity of activities.


Middle School

Middle school programs offer more basic discovery and focus on immersion in a new environment, basic knowledge of ecosystems and sustainability, and the development of team-building and social skills. The typical program length of a middle school program is one week although shorter and longer courses can be arranged based on the specific needs and interests of individual groups.


Students from Waterstart in Bermuda made short videos to demonstrate their learning from a visit to the Island School and CEI:



“I had set out to provide my students with a rich, authentic learning experience around marine research and ecology. To this end, the Island School staff worked diligently to tailor the trip to meet my specific goals and expectations. We developed focused research goals and engaged students in developing experimental methodologies… The students left excited about learning and inspired to change the world. I highly recommend the experience- it truly has the chance to make a difference in the lives of all the participants.” 

– Ken Vencile, Camden Hills Regional High School


“The Island School has afforded our students the opportunity to gain valuable insight into sustainable living while also being able to focus on community service. Living the life of an Island School student, our kids are able to truly experience what environmentally conscious living looks and feels like. Despite living in very different climates, our students have returned to our campus with determination for change and have already started working together to incorporate some of the IS staples into our community.” 

- Matthew Fax, Trinity College School, Ontario, Canada


“I have been taking my middle school students to The Island School for three years and each year is an incredible experience. My students extend their knowledge of marine science through hands-on research and real-life problem solving. The journey promotes a better understand of biodiversity in these regions and provides each student with a great appreciation for our natural environment. The camp inspires and encourages students to bring back methods of sustainable living from the Island School and practice these habitats at home to ensure the health of our oceans and reefs. It’s amazing to see how The Island School allows students to become more aware of their every day actions and how these actions impact the environment. After attending camp at The Island School, these students have learned to effect change through leadership. We love The Island School!” 

- Ashley Cook, Ashley Hall School, Charleston, SC

“We lean into experiential learning here at Hawken School, so partnering with the Island School / Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI) to teach our new Honors Marine Science class made a lot of sense. The CEI educators did a wonderful job introducing topics in the classroom and moving our students directly into the field – the echinoderm body plan is much easier to understand with a cushion sea star in your hands! Completing the picture, the warm, welcoming community allowed our students to get a genuine ‘sense of place’ – their Island School experience will live with them forever.”

- Brendan Daly, The Hawken School, Gates Mills, Ohio

Take a look at the experience of students and educators who visited from HCZ Promise Academy in New York City:


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