A wide array of diverse terrestrial and marine environments are within a 10-mile radius of our campus (24º50’40”N, 76º20’70”W)


Whether you are looking for shallow waters of the Bahamas Bank or deep-sea environments, our location on the leeward side of Eleuthera affords sheltered, easily accessible areas to conduct water-based research and field courses. For instance, a short boat ride will bring you to shallow oolitic sand banks, seagrass meadows, mangrove creeks, patch reefs, and the eastern wall of the Exuma Sound; many of these habitats are accessible by road as well. Terrestrially, there are also great opportunities for research in ornithology, herpetology, botany, and agricultural studies.

Also collaborating with us on our research are staff and students from The Island School. Each semester, students and teachers from The Island School work side-by-side with staff at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, visiting graduate students, and visiting scientists to address focused research questions related to larger programmatic themes. In this way, primary research quickly becomes application-based experiential education that has direct benefits to students and as well as the local community and the environment.

Click the links below to learn more about the research projects currently underway at the Cape Eleuthera Institute:

Click here to watch last semester's research presentations at The Island School.