Our research focuses on the diverse habitats of Eleuthera, including pink sand beaches, rocky shores, tidal flats, mangrove creeks, seagrass meadows and patch reefs, which play valuable ecological roles and support unique subtropical species.

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A wide array of diverse terrestrial and marine environments are within a 10-mile radius of our campus (24º50’40”N, 76º20’70”W)


CEI’s research activity centers on four themes addressing the structure and function of tropical marine island ecosystems and linking these to the sustainability objectives of the wider CEIS community and our existing research strengths. The themes are:     

  • Spatial ecology – understanding the movement and distribution of mobile organisms in relation to functional habitat.

  • Trophic ecology and ecosystem interrelations – understanding food web interconnections, dynamics and transfer of energy.

  • Sustainability science for fisheries and aquaculture – understanding of the ecological factors determining fisheries and marine food resources.

  • Coupled human-natural systems – understanding human-environment interactions and how humans affect and are affected by changing ecosystems.