CSD gets brand new storm shutters installed for this weekend

CSD gets brand new storm shutters installed for this weekend

Daybreak brought a steady breeze (approximately 25 knots) and scattered thunderstorms this morning. Winds continue to blow into the morning while the sun is trying to peek around the clouds. All of our staff continue to prepare for the storm by organizing office and outdoor spaces, installing hurricane shutters around campus, and preparing to relocate the various campus accommodations if need be. Interns will be housed in our Center for Sustainable Development. This building is more centrally located on campus than the Grad Hall and has storm shutters installed on all east-facing windows. 


Our gap year students took advantage of the beautiful weather this week by participating in our first ever free diving course on campus! Conditions were perfect to explore the waters right off shore and get in touch with their breathing and physical limits.


As the storm progresses, we will be updating social media. There is a high probability that we will lose power on campus as the Bahamas Telecommunications Company will be cutting off the public supply sometime today.  Our Boston office will be easily accessible to answer any questions that may arise and will be updating the public about the storm. You can contact them  via email at info@islandschool.org or by phone at 866-730-6624.