Week two was very full as we began to get into the swing of things on campus.  As always each day was new and exciting and there was never a dull moment.

Human ecology classes began this week where we were given a deeper understanding of how humans impact the environment.  We were all very shocked about the average consumption of an American in a year.  For example the average American will use 43,371 soda cans in a life time.  The gap students then began presentations on environmental issues.  Stef discussed overpopulation and Kaitlin presented on the dredging in Gladstone, Australia.

This week the gappers also began joining different research teams to discover more about what they do.  We joined the shark and flats team and had a day at the farm.  Even though we did not manage to catch a shark we still had a fantastic day on the boat learning about sharks.  Did you know that sharks are older than trees!

Triathlon training continued this week starting with a ride. The run swim has gained popularity and we were joined by many to experience another crazy run swim.  We finished the week off with a swim and again had some more faces joining us.  It was great having so many extra people, and it definitely helped to push us harder.

The weekend started with a trip to a farmer’s market to help sort a massive pile of glass and plastic.  While we tried to make it fun we were all hot and exhausted afterward.  This made jumping into the ocean hole after even more rewarding.  Here we collected rubbish that had built up over time. This hole was very interesting as it’s over 600 ft deep!

Week two was a fantastic week to really give us a taste of what life is like on Eleuthera.