Preliminary data collection and preparation are underway for the yellow stingray immunology study. Following experimental wounding to illicit an immune response, stingrays will be subjected to low-pH conditions, acidified with CO2. However, prior to conducting these trials, it is imperative to understand how yellow stingrays react to low-pH conditions. To do so, 10 stingrays (six males and four females) were observed under increasingly acidic conditions to determine their tolerance for low pH. Water pH was lowered by approximately 0.1 units every minute until stingrays ceased spiracle contraction (i.e., stingrays became too stressed to ventilate). Under our experimental conditions cessation of spiracle contractions occurred at a mean pH of 5.35. This methodology was adapted from Aaron Shultz’s doctoral research, which is observing how extreme environmental conditions in mangrove creeks affect several fishes. In preparation for the immunological study, however, researchers are learning more about the seasonal (lack of) abundance of yellow stingrays. A first replicate of 20 stingrays should be completed by December.