Research, Community Service, Sustainability and Leadership

Gap years provide students with the chance to learn more about themselves as well as their academic and personal interests. More than simply a travel or study abroad experience, the Cape Eleuthera Institute offers a unique gap year experience based in ecology, sustainability, and adventure education. Students work alongside researchers, embark on expeditions, and develop their connection to the natural world. 

Environmental Education

Learning is hands-on and tangible. Our classes in ecology, environmental issues and marine science immerse students in the local environment. An important focus in the curriculum is to translate knowledge gained here back to students' lives once they have returned home.

Adventure and Outdoor Education

Though our program is an adventure from start to finish, we take pride in offering adventurous and challenging opportunities for huge personal growth. Students will participate at their own level in activities from plunging into amazing turquoise waters to kayak trips, a solo reflective experience, SCUBA Certification or continuation, freediving, and personal exercise challenges.

Research Internship

Students have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from researchers at the Cape Eleuthera Institute and Center for Sustainable Development.  Projects range from shark and turtle conservation, to alternative energy and green design techniques. Through the internship, students will participate in real science contributing to current studies that are committed to making a difference globally.

Travel and Cultural Immersion

Students will be exposed to the history, culture, geography and relevant environmental and social issues of The Bahamas and the island of Eleuthera. In a week of travel and cultural immersion, they will travel up and down the island spending time with locals, experiencing their customs and traditions and learning about their island from the farms and beaches to the caves and blue holes, and the mysteries and lore surrounding them. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit local schools and learn and share experiences with our youngest Bahamians.

Personal and Leadership Development

Through working with younger students, taking on responsibilities, and managing freedom in a safe and supervised environment, participants become empowered, capable and self-reliant. Our program will invite participants to be challenged physically, mentally and culturally and through this, they will gain confidence in their own abilities, as well as in the way they work with and support others. Our program provides opportunities for them to learn about themselves, push their boundaries, question their assumptions and learn to solve real world problems.

Dates & Tuition






Fall 2019

Spring 2020

        August 18 - November 8, 2019

January 26 - April 18, 2020




For more information or questions, please contact Ami Adams.