Education and Outreach


Education and Outreach


The Cape Eleuthera Institute places great value in the education of young minds. Through place-based learning and hands-on experience with research projects alongside our scientists, students are able to truly dive in and examine the different ecosystems of Eleuthera and learn about the natural world through their own experiences.

We aim to establish a connection with people and the environment. By connecting primary research to education and outreach, we believe that we can promote environmental awareness and create opportunities for students and scientists alike.


Island School Applied Research Courses

Each semester, students and educators with The Island School alongside scientists with the Cape Eleuthera Institute to learn about various marine ecosystems through hands-on research experience.

Students are challenged to truly understand the information that they’re learning about in the classroom and apply it during field work. Through the dissection of scientific publications, experience in the field, data analysis and communicating their findings, students learn about all facets of marine research.


Deep Creek Middle School “School Without Walls”

Throughout the academic year, students from Deep Creek Middle School participate in three one-week sessions of experiential learning with various Cape Eleuthera Institute research teams.

These lessons are created based on grade level and range from snorkeling and fish identification to data collection in the field. Our goal is to engage students with our research and simultaneously inspire them to connect with the ecosystems by which they are surrounded.


Educational Programs

Our Educational Programs offer immersive educational experiences for students of all ages to learn about tropical marine and terrestrial sciences, sustainable living and design, aquaponics, and resource management.

Though these groups’ level of participation with Cape Eleuthera Institute projects varies, we are fortunate to share our work with them, whether it be an afternoon of sea turtle research or an undergraduate group that spends an extended period of time working with our teams.


Island School Outreach

CEI works with Island School Outreach to educate local students on environmental issues, ranging from mangrove ecology lessons to pelagic shark surveys in the Exuma Sound.

In alignment with their mission to foster meaningful relationships through education, conservation and sustainability to advocate living well in a place, the Cape Eleuthera Institute supports Island School Outreach in creating lessons and providing support in the field and throughout the community.


Island School Gap Year

The Island School’s Gap Year program provides students with a unique experience in ecology and sustainability. We work with Gap Year students in and out of the field, where they gain hands-on experience in a variety of habitats.