Mass dissection and filleting of lionfish To date, we have had a total of 220.6 lbs of lionfish brought in for the lionfish slayer campaign.  Last Wednesday, much of the lionfish was dissected and filleted for the upcoming Parents Weekend. In total, 98 fish were filleted, 65 of which were fully dissected and documented. The whole day was a huge success as a steady flow of fish were photographed, de-spined, and measured, then dissected to determine sexual maturity and stomach content, and finally filleted. One giant fish set the record for the largest yet seen and documented at CEI; it weighed in at a whopping 967 grams, or 2.13 pounds, and measured 41.5 centimeters in length.

Biggest lionfish on record for Eleuthera

By the end of the day over 80 pounds of lionfish had been filleted and ready for the kitchen to prepare for visiting Island School parents. The fins were harvested for the creation of jewelry, demonstrating the multiple ways lionfish can generate income.


Lionfish fins saved for jewelry making.